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Augur Market 0x0ad65c2eb524d148200085f94e0835baecf4a16b

Will this market be traded for above 0.5 at the expiration?

At the market expiration we will look at the market order book and make a decision on how it should resolve. 1) Look at the last state of the market before expiration. In the unlikely event that market expires with crossed order book, we roll back to the last transaction when the book was not crossed, and then use that state. 2) If there are bids higher than 0.5, the market resolves as YES. 3) If there are asks lower than 0.5, the market resolves as NO. 4) If neither (2) nor (3) happened, market is considered invalid

Open interest (ETH)
12.50 ETH
Open interest (USD)
Expires at
12/01/2018 11:00am

This market is not yet available to trade on Veil.