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Will NASA Launch its next Mars Rover in 2020 as Planned? 🚀

In a long line of successful Rovers of Mars, Sojourner, Spirit & Opportunity, and Curiosity, NASA has planned its next Rover mission, currently scheduled to take off sometime in the 2020 launch window and arrive on the Red Planet in Early 2021. However, as any plans are, there is always a bit of doubt as to whether this quick schedule will actually be made as planned. Will NASA encounter issues or problems that arise, making them unable to have the craft ready in time for launching in 2020? If not, the next option is to launch in the 2022 window, when the two planets align again.. If still not ready by then, then the winning bet is 2025 or later.. For the purposes of this market, any Mobile craft designed to operate inside the Martian atmosphere will qualify as a "Rover", be it a wheeled craft or airborne. Crafts that are designed to be Immobile shall not count. Shall such a launch fail by crash landing or by explosion after ignition, it shall still count as a launch. (This market does not wish to incorporate such failure risks.) Further Details can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_2020 Or here: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/

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