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Augur Market 0xa2fbde06062fd31ea32c8e2fea2bdc6871a35954

Will Jeff Bezos acquire the National Enquirer, or a majority stake therein, by August 8 2019?

This market shall resolve to YES if at any time before this market expires, Jeff Bezos (current CEO of Inc and owner of the Washington Post newspaper) or any entity under his effective control, gains ownership of the National Enquirer trademark, or a controlling interest or effective control in the National Enquirer newspaper or its parent company, American Media Inc. In the event of any confusion, the ultimate meaning of "control" shall be as defined by the Financial Accounting Standards Board of the United States. If this requirement is satisfied, subsequent events, for example if he later divests himself of the assets in question, will have no bearing on the outcome of this market; it shall resolve to YES. The manner in which such control is acquired also has no bearing on the outcome of this market; the requirement can be satisfied by an open market purchases, legal settlement, bankruptcy proceeding or any other means that result in Bezos controlling the Enquirer.

Open interest (ETH)
5.00 ETH
Open interest (USD)
Expires at
08/08/2019 6:59pm

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