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Will Bitcoin's energy consumption rise above 80 TWh/yr in August 2018?

The outcome will be "Yes" if, at the closing of the market, the Digiconomist's "Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index" chart contains a data-point above 80 TWh/yr. That is, the .csv file containing the daily data contains an entry >80 in the column "BECI", during the specified dates (hence the .csv file rather than the graph is the final authority). If some other index of energy consumption reports usage >80 TWh/yr but Digiconomist does not, the outcome will be "No". If Digiconomist reports reports usage >80 TWh/yr at some point before the closing of the market, but this data-point for any reason is changed and does not remain at the closing of the market, the outcome will be "No". If a data-point is exactly 80.00... with all zeros for as many decimals as present in Digiconomist's data, the outcome will be "No".

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