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What will be the REP closing price on coinmarketcap on September 30, 2018 ?

Reporters must use the REP closing price in USD rounded down to the lower unit on the "coinmarketcap.com" website in the "Historical Data" section (for example, if the price is 43.87 USD, report 43). If the price is =< 34 USD, report 34, which means that all "Sell shares" win. If the price is >= 50 USD, report 50 which means that all "Buy shares" win. For information, the closing price is the latest data in range (UTC time) on September 30, 2018.

Open interest (ETH)
0.00 ETH
Open interest (USD)
Expires at
10/01/2018 12:00am

This market is not yet available to trade on Veil.