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Augur Market 0x35a5d8852113d511ae0c70bc70c0bd5cccf86b38

PUT OPTION BTC 3300USD 2019MARCH29 08:00 AM YES: BTC<3300

This bet is similar to the PUT financial option. The same date as the OKCOIN futures accounts has been chosen in case you want to make a coverage strategy. If on March 29, 2019 at 8am UTC, the BTC's futures settlement price at OKEX.COM is less than 3300 you earn the YES bet (in cash), if on the other hand it is equal to or greater than 3300 you earn NO ( out of money).

Open interest (ETH)
0.00 ETH
Open interest (USD)
Expires at
03/29/2019 7:00am

This market is not yet available to trade on Veil.