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New Brunswick General Election Sep 24 2018

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Brunswick_general_election,_2018 . The result is the Party of the newly-elected Premier. "Any Other Result" (AOR) includes *ANY* circumstance in which the returning officer fails to declare a candidate elected within 4 days (inclusive) after the close of polls. AOR could theoretically include, but not be necessarily limited to: - a judicial recount that does not complete by the 'Expires' date of this market - a minority government result in which the Parties fail to appoint one Premier by the 'Expires' date - force majeure - preemption by the Government of Canada (e.g. snap election interferes with the date) - election declared invalid for any reason (e.g. violence, interference, force majeure, act of war, ...)

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09/29/2018 6:59pm

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