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Augur Market 0x892800f13054624669d5b85cc8dcaebf321b77e9

Cryptocurrency Future Contract: EOS/ETH Trading Pair Close Price on 9/30/2019 00:00 UTC according to binance.com/en/trade/EOS_ETH ORIGINAL DAILY CHART. 50x leveraged w/o margin call

Trader: With good liquidity, derivative’s current price would reflect exchanges’ spot price w/ Black Scholes Model Adjustment (Intrinsic + Time Value). Buy if Bullish; Sell if Bearish. Create Calendar Spread for Hedge/Rollover. Order Placement e.g.: IF 1 EOS = .02 ETH THEN enter .02 ETH in Limit Price and number of Shares to buy/sell in Quantity. Settlement: Real-World Outcome, aka RWO, determination steps in Reporter part. IF (RWO - Purchase Price) * Long Shares > 0 OR (Sale Price - RWO) * Short Shares > 0, THEN you have gain; ELSE you have loss. Reporter: 1) YOU MUST SET YOUR DEVICE’S TIME ZONE TO UTC OR LOSE MONEY! 2) Go to Source URL. 3) Select Original Chart, Set Time to 1D (1 Day). 4) Find Expiration Date on Chart by Hover Cursor over Candlesticks. 5) Get Close Price on Expiration Date as RWO. Close Price is a number denoted as “C:” or “Close:” 6) IF RWO is within the Future Price Range, THEN Report RWO w/ 6 decimals; ELSE,

Open interest (ETH)
0.00 ETH
Open interest (USD)
Expires at
09/30/2019 11:59pm

This market is not yet available to trade on Veil.