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Uniswap ETH 34,839.08 ETH

The sum of ETH reserves of all exchange contracts on Uniswap.
Maintained by Veil.

Note to Augur reporters: The final feed value before a market's expiration can be found in the Related Markets table below the graph. In expired markets, the final feed value is in the rightmost column. Below the value, you can find the precise value that should be reported in the Augur UI. For convenience, this value takes into account the upper and lower bound, as well as any rounding that results from dividing the range into ticks.
Why do the markets have rounding error? It's because Veil markets always have 10000 possible outcomes between the lower and upper bound. This keeps balances and prices consistent between markets of different bounds. However, when you divide a scalar market's range into 10000 chunks, each chunk does not necessarily correspond to a clean decimal value.
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